Insuring property: what is important and when?

There are the following options for insuring a property to meet your needs:

Buildings insurance: This is compulsory for property owners in some cantons and covers fire and natural hazards. Natural hazards include flooding, hail, storm damage, avalanches, snow pressure, rockfall and landslides. Except in the canton of Zurich, earthquake damage is not included.

Building water insurance: Building insurance covers damage caused by storms and flooding. However, building water insurance is required to cover damage caused by a burst pipe, groundwater penetrating the cellar and backwater from sewerage systems.

Surroundings insurance: If the garden has been built to a high standard and is equipped with expensive elements such as a pool, valuable furniture, etc., then it is worth taking out surroundings insurance. Buildings insurance only covers the parts that are permanently attached to the building.

Household contents insurance: This insurance covers private property in the event of theft and natural hazards. Furniture, clothes, jewellery and electronic devices are insured.